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5 Top Study Spots in Tallahassee

Studying is a task that all students unless they memorize all their professor’s lectures word for word must do. As learners, a spot that has a calm aura is usually where you’ll find dedicated students. Or maybe you’re the type of student who loves study groups? Either way there are a few spots that are popular amongst FAMU, FSU & TCC students. Studying locations usually fit the personality of the student. This list will cover specific locations that students can be found studying alone, in groups or just relaxing outside of school.


All Saints Café (Railroad Ave.)

Type of Student: Artsy, Relaxed, “Hipster” Qualities

All Saints is a café that offers vegan coffee and tea options as well as vegan food like wraps, muffins or vegetables to snack on as you study or have a group meetup. This location is perfect if you have an all-nighter you’re trying to pull or if you’re working on a creative group project. All Saints is very eccentric, they yell out your order when it’s ready (something that takes getting used to). If you enjoy settings that have chairs and tables older than you, this is your kind of café. The free wifi is also a great amenity that All Saints provides to customers/students.


Coleman Library at FAMU (MLK Blvd.)

Type of Student: Varies from Quiet Lone Studier to Loud, Engaged Study Groups

Some students call the historic Coleman Library “Club Coleman” but after studying there recently and finding a quiet corner on the main floor I don’t think it’s a club after all. The positive side of Coleman is that it has 4 floors to choose from to study. The majority of the floors have desks where students can study alone. Yet, if you would like to secure a study room to have a meeting or complete a group project that is possible as well on the main floor and the 3rd floor. If you’re looking to study alone there is a wing on the 3rd floor that is completely quiet where no one is allowed to talk at all. There are numerous computer labs on the main floor and bottom first floor for students. The online article and resource database is completely accessible from your personal devices as long as you’re in Coleman which is a great perk as a student here at FAMU.


Strozier Library at FSU (Honors Way)

Type of Student: Varies

I’ve never been to Strozier but I’ve heard that it’s a great location to get some studying done in case Coleman is too crowded. People even tweet about going here so I know it has to be a legitimate great place to study regardless of where you go to school. Strozier also offers group study rooms in case you need to get away from the main floor.


Crepe Vine (Railoroad Avenue)

Type of Student: Varies

Since popping up over a year ago, this crepe restaurant has proven to be a popular location for solo studying, group studying and meetings. The atmosphere is relaxed and sunlight is always beaming in through the main windows during the day. It doesn’t hurt that delicious crepes and free wifi are literally at your fingertips at Crepe Vine. Overall, it’s a great study spot to enjoy a crepe stuffed like a sub or filled with healthy fruits.


Starbucks (10 Locations throughout Tallahassee)

Type of Student: Caffeine Obsessed Student

Any person that hits up Starbucks to study enjoy the setting there and has to also be addicted to the caffeine in their drinks. I’ve heard that the coffees are pretty addicting! I once purchased 3 coffees for magazine editors while interning at Marie Claire last Christmas break and it’s safe to say that even with detailed orders I’m 100% sure I still messed up the 3 orders. I’m not a coffee girl but the snacks at Starbucks are quite yummy and I know they vary by season. Free wifi and a drink of your choice is appealing to some students since there are 10 locations throughout Tallahassee.

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