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The 43rd Student Senate Sets Out to Pick New President

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FAMU chapter.

The 43rd Student Senate is scheduled to elect a Senate President today.

The first round of voting occurred last Monday, however the results were tied.

Gallery guests became anxious while waiting for results and listening to each candidate’s initiatives.

“My hopes for the 44th Student Senate is to increase transparency and to reach back to the student body,” says senate president candidate, Derek Keaton, a sophomore senator from Chicago.

Senators express their concerns and expectations for the new Senate President.

“I want the new senate president to have ambition and determination,” says freshman senator, Adrienne Floyd, “and to fulfill their platform points.”

Senate President candidate, Darian Burrell-Clay, junior senator from Austin, Texas, believes he has what it takes to lead the 44th Student Senate to the next level.

“My hope for the senate is to have a progressive direction for the overall senate, as well as SGA, says Senator Burrell-Clay, “I’m looking to lay a new foundation.”

The student body has high expectations from the new senate president, as well.

De’Ja Gillian, a biology student from Pensacola, Florida says she wants the new senate president to advertise senate meetings more to the student body other than on social media.

“Pull people out to the meetings,” says Gillian, “They will follow.”

 The student senate began voting tonight at 6 p.m. in the senate chambers. 


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