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3 Hangover Remedies to Try During Spring Break

A hangover can harbour some of the worst symptoms ever. Trust us, we know! So below we have 3 simple remedies that can help you avoid those horrible symptoms and will allow you to get through Spring Break feeling great.  We all love Spring Break, but we also know that there is work to be done when it is all over with, so lets avoid the laziness and the drowsiness and avoid the hangover! 



1. Water is a definite way to get rid of a hangover. Since the brain is surrounded by lots of tissue, it is best to fuel up on water so the tissue does not become dehydrated.

2. Eat a Banana right before you consume any alcohol. Potassium is already a great way to stay energized, but here the potassium will act as an agent and fuel your body with all the nutrients that have been lost while drinking.
3. Eating a solid meal is also a great way to combat the hangover blues. Many people do not eat a proper meal before the over indulge in alcohol, but maybe a nice dinner with all the essentials will balance the alcohol your alcohol intake and settle your stomach.

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