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2011-2012 HC FAMU E-Board!

In honor of our first few weeks on campus, the HC FAMU e-board decided to take a little time out to introduce ourselves… HC FAMU style, of course!

“Miss Boss Lady”
Name: Itopia “Topi” Mills
Major: Magazine Production/Film
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: New Rochelle, NY
Position: Campus Correspondent/Editor-In-Chief/President/Branch Founder
Interesting Fact: I’ve fenced (the sport) since middle school. But, after getting to college, I decided to take a break.

“Most Likely to Quietly Take Over the World”
Gabriela “Gaby” Blanco
Major: Magazine Journalism/Graphic Design
Classification: Senior
Hometown: Sunrise, Fla.
Position: Business Director
Interesting Fact: I love typography and design, and I speak three languages (Spanish, English, and French)!

“Best Smile”
Name: Deidra “Dei” Washington
Major: Public Relations
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fla
Position: Public Relations Director
Interesting Fact: I love to laugh!

“Carrie Bradshaw”
 Destiny Colson
MajorHealthcare Management
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Port Charlotte, Fla
PositionPublic Relations Co-Director
Interesting FactIt’s not always about what you know, but who you know. I’m utilizing every block to build my network daily.

“Chatty Cathy”
 Asia Johnson
MajorBroadcast Journalism
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Pensacola, Fla
PositionSpecial Events Co-Director
Interesting FactI want to have my own television show in the near future.

 Christin Rouse
Classification: Sophomore
HometownOrlando, Fla
Interesting FactI’ve been playing the piano for 16 years.

 Hailey Gascoigne
Classification: Sophomore
HometownMiami, Fla
Interesting FactI’ve been playing the clarinet since I was in the 6th grade.

“Most Dedicated”
 J’ere Clark
MajorSocial Work/Pre-Law
Classification: Sophomore
HometownCocoa, Fla
Interesting FactI love to volunteer.

“The Sweetheart”
 Sydnie Medlin
MajorFood Science
Classification: Sophomore
HometownDallas, TX
Interesting FactI have a weird fascination with locs.

Now that you’ve met us, we hope to meet you! Her Campus Florida A&M is ALWAYS looking for new members, models, photographers, videographers, writers and so much more! See you on “The Hill!”

Itopia is a senior from New Rochelle, New York studying Magazine Production. She is the founder of Florida A&M's campus branch. After graduation, Itopia plans to move back to NY and go to fashion school! In her spare time Itopia enjoys tweeting, browing on Tumblr, eating and listening to music.
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