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Reaching the final term of the university year, the cash is not always flowing so smoothly…
Even with the miraculous appearance of the final student loan, the shopaholic student must be ever-cautious!
Here we have a compilation of some bargain buys that students have snapped up from the clothes section of the supermarket. Yes – you heard right! Quality AND quantity. 
Top left: Lace Vest: George, Asda 
(photo credit: Jaimie Peta Sutton
BA Photography)
Mid left: Mint green jumper: George, Asda
(photo credit: Genevieve Johnson
BA Illustration)
Bottom left: Mosaic style sandals: Sainsburys
(photo credit: Suzi Heal
BA English with Creative Writing)
Right: Geometric patterned pencil skirt: Sainsburys
(photo credit: Suzi Heal
BA English with Creative Writing)


Just a 22 year old English Literature and Creative Writing student procrastianting life away by the seaside.Talents involve slightly resembling a fox and telling (terrible) puns.
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