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Returners: Back to Skool

Last Saturday the FXU put on its first end-of-freshers event of the year, the classic ‘Back to Skool’ party, where the nostalgia hit all with its school uniform, old school tunes and classic dance moves. As soon as the doors to the Stannary opened the school kids returned, running straight to the dance floor, where the DJ took us back to the 00s with classic tunes from our childhood favourites like the Spice Girls, Busted and Britney.


The event saw many of its older students hit the floor from 2nd years to master students who experienced the first back to school event a couple of years ago, and returned with high expectation. The final verdict? They received just that as the smiles at the end of the night proved another successful throwback event from the creators.


While we hang up our school uniforms again we prepare to dust off or purchase our spooky Halloween costumes for another unforgettable party, coming shortly… #Octobermadness

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