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Quidditch Society

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Falmouth chapter.

It may be a bit of a shock to some of you but here on campus, we do have our very own Quidditch Society!



The Quidditch Team on the pitch


Now for any of you who don’t recognise the term Quidditch, I suggest you go ahead, sit yourself down, and devour all the Harry Potter books. Go and sit down in the children’s section of Waterstones if you have to, and read them one by one. Despite any weird looks, it will be worth it. I promise. But you may have to buy at least one if you’re going to be there a long time.


So, yes, Quidditch is the sport in Harry Potter, played by witches and wizards on broomsticks! Now, you ask, what has this got to do with Her Campus?


This post is designed to bring you closer to its secrets, wizard themed activities and passionate, devoted members. Some people may not have even been aware that an actual Quidditch team exists on campus so read on, and this post will tell you more.


Whilst one member of the society’s favourite character in the series may be Daddy’s boy Draco Malfoy, another’s may be the geeky, unsung hero Neville Longbottom, who ultimately saves the day. You’d think this would spark a few feuds in the group. However, unlike in the series, this society’s house members get along almost perfectly with each other. Because what seems to matter most in Quidditch Society is that all members are joined in Harry Potter harmony, and events such as various Hogwarts lessons, the Yule Ball, and the End of Term Feast are all ones of great success.


Alice Clark, head of Hufflepuff house, states: “Every single person in the club is amazing, we have such a large community that it means you can be yourself and no one will judge you.” The fantastic team and committee members who pull together to create such planned out events make the special ingredients of the popular society. Without them, it’s likely that Quidditch would be sorely missing its key factors that hold its fabrics together.


And yes, they actually do play Quidditch! Dedicated members of the Quidditch Team can be found most Saturdays on their designated pitch tucked away behind a busy main road, playing hard for their team. In this heavy duty weather we’ve been having recently, the team seems to pay no attention to it, and play each to their individual strengths the best they can, slipping and sliding about in the mud. Competition is fierce, and just recently the team even participated in the Southern Quidditch Cup along with other teams across the country.


And, of course, house points are duly awarded! They are recorded termly, and the winning house at the end of term gets the achievement of first place. Last term it seemed Slytherin reigned supreme, whereas Hufflepuff came last. But things are not over yet! Who knows what the house points will have in store for its members by the end of the year?



Slytherin on winning the House Cup at last term’s Yule Ball

Quidditch Society is a hardworking, close knit and capable community of Harry Potter fanatics. This is especially clear from speaking with the committee members. Head of Slytherin house Tamara Morriss herself explains: “Tremough Quidditch Club has taken over my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everything we have built up over the past year, from our socials to our weekly Quidditch practices, is what keeps all of us, from the committee, to the team and all our members, coming back again and again. We’ve created something more than a club or a society, we’ve created a community.”

Quidditch Society really rings true as something special on university campus; from watching all eight films in a week long marathon, to battling it out on the rough grounds of Quidditch practice. This unique society acts as a beacon of light to the university, a second home to its members and to anybody who loves the wizarding world of Harry Potter. With its dazzling close knit community, it seems it will always be there to welcome its members home. 

Photographs courtesy of Mark Hooton.


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