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Today is Pancake Day also known as Shrove Tuesday, and if your anything like us then your entire day is revolving around the epic pancake session that is bound to take place in your kitchen this evening. But what about the toppings? Surely you're not going to only stick to traditional lemon and sugar, dont get us wrong everyone loves a classic, but if you're planning on eating a lot - which I'm sure you are - so you might get bored of just one topping choice. Because of this we have conjured up some topping ideas, savoury and sweet! 

1. Peanut Butter and Banana 

2. Blueberry and honey 

3. Bacon and Egg

4. Mushroom and Cheese 

5. Nutella and whipped cream  

6. Raspberry and Strawberry 

7. Ice cream and Chocolate Chips

8. Mango and Greek Yoghurt 

9. Smoked Salmon, Avacado and Creme Fraiche 

10. Apple and Cinamon 


Also be sure to let us know what your topping your pancakes with via twitter! @HCFalmouth 



My name is Paris Anne Richardson and I am attending Falmouth University studying English with Creative Writing. I am an avid reader and subscriber to both Atlas and Vogue. My ideal day is hanging out with my girlfriends shopping and hopping from one coffee shop to another, and I am massive sucker for people watching. Hope you enjoy reading all the posts.
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