Have a Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween girls and boys! (Is it seriously the end of October already?!) It is that time of year again when a lot of people are feeling the pressure to get the perfect outfit. A balance of ‘cool-original/slightly scary’ but also wanting to look kind of fit. Also no one wants to have to explain their outfit to fellow party goers (no offence Karen Smith from mean girls, but I’m looking at you). So HerCampus thought we’d help you all our by giving you some tips on what to do (and not do) this Halloween…

1.       Have fun with it! People are going to have a lot more respect for your outfit if you come up with something witty, rather than dressing up as a mouse or cat of some kind… Although it may be an easy, last minute option, you will also have about 8 duplicates at whatever party you decide to hit up. Think about current affairs, big celebrities, recent blockbusters…there is so much potential! Halloween isn’t just about ghosts and ghouls, so think outside of the box people!

2.       Following on from the first point, do not dress up as something inappropriate. It is one thing dressing up as Kim K and stuffing a pillow down your skin tight dress to create the illusion that you have had plastic surgery on your bum… But it is definitely not appropriate to purchase something along the lines of the ‘anna-rexia’ outfit that caused uproar last year, and has somehow managed to re-surface after a petition to get rid of it once and for all. So be thoughtful about your outfits, no- one wants to be offensive this Halloween!

3.       Do not try and figure out your outfit last minute. We have all been there and expected a last-minute brain wave to hit us but unfortunately it usually doesn’t happen…A little thought goes a long way!

4.       We live in a world of modern day technology and at times like this it comes in very handy. If you are stuck on how to do you mock- make- up then get onto you tube! There about one thousand different videos for every costume idea and are extremely useful if you are not a make-up wiz.

5.       Be a conversation starter! I know the scene from ‘Angus, thongs and perfect snogging’ may have scarred us all for life, but dressing up as an olive is way more original then putting some blood on your face and claiming you are a vampire.


6.       Go as a group! If you are a little bit afraid to make a bold statement on your own, then use your friends as back up. It makes a lot more sense to have four teenage mutant ninja turtles over one…

7.       Drink responsibly. We have all been there, I assure you, but Halloween is scary enough as it is… you do not want to add smudged make-up, bruised legs and a deathly hangover into the mix.