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Genesis Villella ’18

So I had the chance to interview our CC/Editor-in-Chief Genesis Villella and I learned a lot about her. We talked about the differences between Falmouth and New York City, what her favourite part about her course is, and many pink coloured items that she owns.

Age: 20.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

Pronouns: She/her.

HC: Where are you from and how is it different from Falmouth?

GV: I’m originally from New York City and it’s super different from Falmouth. I grew up in a very metropolitan area and Falmouth is definitely the opposite of that. New York City is loud, bright, diverse, and fast paced whereas Falmouth is very quiet and laid-back. Falmouth is also a really small place and it’s quite rural. It’s not difficult to get around without a car since we have the buses and the train, but it’s a shame that there are so many places I won’t get to see because I need a car to access them. In NYC, we have the subway system and the buses that make it really easy to get around the five boroughs and I can even end up in the most obscure parts of the city very easily.

HC: What course are you on and what’s your favourite part about it?

GV: I’m a second year on the English and Creative Writing course at Falmouth University. Although my course is mainly academic, I love how I can explore my creative abilities through the classes that I take. I like how it lets me explore concepts through different perspectives and how it provides me with the tools to strengthen my arguments on various political matters; it encourages me to freely express myself through my writing. I write short stories and it allows me to celebrate my Latin American heritage and share with the world my experiences as a Latina living in it.

HC: What made you want to apply for the role of Campus Correspondent/CC for Her Campus Falmouth?

GV: I’ve always liked reading magazines whether it was printed or digital and I’ve always known that I wanted to do some kind of professional writing as a career. I liked that Her Campus gives women on university campuses the opportunity to create content that they want to see. Her Campus Falmouth is a platform where people who identity as women or as femmes are given the chance to explore their interests, tell their stories, and possibly make great changes when it comes to online publication. I’ve also always been good at essay writing. It’s also really fun editing other people’s work ha-ha!

HC: What are you favourite colours?

GV: My ultimate favourite colour is pastel pink even though I mainly wear black, grey, and olive coloured clothing. A lot of the things I own are pink like my phone, my bed sheets, my room decor, many of my lipsticks, my tupperware, my pencil case, my umbrella, and my water bottle.

HC: What made you decide to study at Falmouth University?

GV: I’ve always wanted to study abroad when I was younger and I’m glad I can do that now! I’m also not a fan of a core curriculum which is something that a lot of American universities incorporate into their programs. I knew I didn’t want to pay to take a math class for another few years at an American university, so going abroad was the best decision for me. Also university is very expensive in the U.S. and the U.K. offers cheaper university courses. I can also get my Bachelor’s degree here in three years rather than four like in the U.S. I also wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Falmouth the complete opposite of New York City and I thought that being in a different environment that I’m not used to would be good for me. Also I like that I don’t have to take any formal exams on my course; even though I’m good at taking tests and studying, it’s nice to not have to cram however many months of work into one exam. On my course, our final grade for each class is based off of one big essay we submit at the end of each semester plus an essay to submit along with our creative piece, so I still face a lot of stress and pressure but I love it.

HC: If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

GV: I think I would be a cat which is funny to me since I’m super allergic to them, but I really love cats. I’d specifically be Siamese since I can be pretty clingy and I think I have nice eyes. Also cats are very social and friendly but they can also be very reclusive and introverted which is what my personality is like.

HC: What’s something that you look forward to?

GV: I look forward to being successful and being in a place where I’m content with my life. I really want to see where I’ll end up in the future and I’m looking forward to being able to showcase and use my talents professionally and creatively. I hope that my creative work can be inspiring to other brown Latinx people who have also noticed a dearth of brown and black Latinx writing in the world. Many of my stories incorporate the genres of magic realism, fantasy, and science fiction and it’s where I can make brown Latinx characters the centre of these stories with well developed character arcs and backgrounds in a world that shoves whitewashed media in our faces. It sounds cliché but I’m really just looking forward to making myself happy.

HC: What’s something that you’ve learned after being at university for almost two years?

GV: I’ve learned that I definitely should not procrastinate or leave things to the last minute. I’ve also learned that it’s okay to be sensitive and vulnerable in a society that tells me not to be or that I’m not allowed; I’ve had to learn that my mental health is important, that my feelings are valid, and that I’m entitled to space and time to myself. I’ve made myself the most important person in my life and that’s okay. Also, don’t use too many sources when writing an essay.

Thanks so much Genesis! 

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