Fowey Festival of Words and Music

Considering Falmouth University is best known for its creative arts, the Fowey Festival of Words & Music might just be something you want to hear about! It’s filled with all sorts of things that should spark a smile in every one of your hearts, particularly if it’s something you’re passionate about. From theatre workshops to nature valley tours, the festival potentially has something to offer to nearly every university student! And even better - it’s in Cornwall so you don’t even have to venture very far away! 
So what’s it about? The festival runs from the 10th to the 17th May and happens every year in Cornwall. It’s inspired by the famous author Daphne Du Maurier, who spent much of her life in Cornwall whilst writing her novels. It is a festival for both visitors and locals who have a passion for the creative industry; mainly focusing on the literary cirlces, with all sorts of related activities such as reading groups, creative writing workshops, literary lectures and much more! With it taking place just on the brink of summer - who knows, we may be just in time for (hopefully) some brilliant sunshine! Quick, bring on the ice cream!
The festival is largely a celebration of literature, nature, theatre, and music. Guests can expect to see writing experts, celebrities (such as every Mum’s favourite TV couple, Richard and Judy!), award winning authors, respected and acclaimed musicians, and various university professors to name a few! What’s more, you even get to partake in workshops with them. Being a rare opportunity, you really need to get in there first. It prompts to ask the question as to why so many writers have found Cornwall, and Fowey in particular, such a rich source of inspiration for their writing.
Does it sound exciting to you yet?
Richard & Judy
If you’re not so much for the writing and literature side of it all, you’ll be glad to know that there are lots of hidden countryside trails to explore if you’re into discovering some of the stunning nature valleys that Cornwall has to offer. Members of the High Tea Society here on campus might be interested to know that there's an opportunity for a relaxing cream tea sitting down in the hidden valley gardens at the festival. There’s also a Wind in the Willows themed river cruise for those of you who are still kids at heart and want to take in Cornwall’s beautiful surroundings by boat! 
Or perhaps one of your secret passions alongside your studies is home cooking? Then you may have heard of Michael Caines; one of the top chefs in Britain, who also has award winning status under his belt. If food is a bit of what you fancy then be sure to check out his slot where he will be talking about the stunning recipes in his book and what it’s like to be a famous chef. He will also be hosting a private two course lunch where you can join him with a glass of wine!
Michael Caines
Plenty of music and theatre acts will also be there for entertainment! With a variety of acts to look into, there are jazz musicians, drama workshops, Noel Coward’s Private Lives stage play, and a whole evening of classical music to soothe your senses after a busy day! With so many informative and inspiring talks, interviews, and workshops to choose from it’s a festival not to be missed! Its reputation for being a prestigious and notable festival brings visitors from all across the country to come down and escape to Cornwall. So why not indulge in it and grab the opportunity while it’s here?
If only to tell your mum that you’ve met Richard and Judy.
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