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Emily Tajima ’19

So I had the opportunity with 1st year Falmouth acting student Emily Tajima. 

Emily is originally from New York City (just like me!) and we talked about her @FalmouthCafes Instagram page and some of her experiences while being at uni. We sat inside a café called Picnic Cornwall. 

Age: 18.

Gender pronouns: She/her.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio. 

HC: Where are you from and how is it different from Falmouth?

ET: I'm from New York and it is definitely different from Falmouth. It was a good change for me since I was born there. Falmouth is a real town; living close to the beaches make it seem like I'm on vacation all the time— even though I'm not!

HC: What's your favourite thing about your course? 

ET: My favourite part has to be the end result; after putting all those hours into rehersal and skills classes, it really pays off at the end of the performance which is really nice. 

HC: What are your favourite colours?

ET: Purple and black. 

HC: What made you want to create the instagram @FalmouthCafes?

ET: Well, I really enjoyed cafés back in New York and I even worked in one. I just really like taking pictures of coffee and other drinks and making them look nice. I didn't want to spam my personal account with these pictures, so it was easier to create an archive for the cafés I'd visit in Falmouth. I wanted to make this Instagram something like an easy café guide. It wasn't supposed to be a big thing— I just wanted to take pictures and post it on something; my friends thought it was a nice idea so I just kept on doing it. 

HC: What's something you're looking forward to? 

ET: I look forward to travelling and trying new things that I haven't done in life. I'm ready for anything that comes my way. 

HC: What's your favourite cafe in Falmouth?

ET: I'd say Espressini or Good Vibes. I really like Espressini's white hot chocolate and Good Vibes' smoothies, even though my favorite drink is usually a chai latte. 

HC: Why did you decide to study at Falmouth University? 

ET: I decided to study at Falmouth University because early on in High School I had this crazy idea of going to uni in England for acting. In my opinion, the training here is a lot better and it's and it only takes three years to get a BA in Acting rather than four. I also want to travel all over Europe (and everywhere else!) and here allows me both live here explore. At first I wanted to go to a uni in London because I'm a city girl, but Falmouth stood out to me the most because of their course training and the fact that the classes are so much smaller. The teachers focus on a lot more and you can get the most from having that connection with them. Oh also the location—Falmouth offers an enviroment that's totally different from where I lived in the middle of Times Square. I felt like I needed that kind of change in my life

HC: If you could be any animal, which would you be and why? 

ET: I think I'd be a cat because they seem so relaxed all of the time. They're also quick and easy on their feet which I think is kind of like me anyway.

HC: What's something that you've learned after being at uni for seven months?

ET: I've definitely learned to appreciate the food that I can access in the States ha-ha. I've also learned that really anything is possible. Moving here alone at 17 and not knowing anyone sounds kinda scary, but here I am seven months later and I'm alright so that says a lot I guess. I've always been an independent person but being in a completely new environment helped me learn to explore new things and meet a ton of new and fun people.

Thank you so much Emily for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with me! Make sure to follow her Falmouth Cafés Instagram @falmouthcafes

Hi there! My name is Genesis and I'm the CC for Her Campus Falmouth! I also currently study English with Creative Writing at Falmouth Universty! I'm originally from New York City but I'm abroad for university. Some of the things I love include the colour pink, furry and fat animals, watching films, going for walks, taking pictures of animals, reading sci-fi, and writing! 
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