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Embrace the Summer Sun-Cornish Style

So a couple of weeks ago I did something pretty radical for the first time in about five months. I went outside …WITHOUT a coat.

And ever since that fated day my thick and sturdy parker has been gathering dust at the back of my wardrobe. After being my go to garment for quite some time, it’s a bit of a shock to the system. My body is in fact covered in skin and not just layers upon layers of jumpers. Pretty daylight deprived skin at that, but that is now a thing of the past. I don’t want to say that summer is officially here and jinx it but we are well on our way. My scarfs have been swapped for sunglasses; hats are now made of straw and not only woolly ones. I actually purchased SUN SCREEN the other day. So how can you, a humble, poor student, truly make the most of this beautiful time?


Well firsts things first, I strongly encourage you to look around and just truly appreciate how lucky you are to be here. Going to Falmouth University in the summer feels like a holiday with a degree thrown in. This however, means that focusing on work can be tough and slightly painful. So my first bit of advice is to either take your work outside with you when you can. Or, if you’re like me, use the beautiful weather as motivation to get as much done as possible, so the great outdoors is your reward. A trip to the beach is a great treat and study break, but it’s also a very easy form of procrastination so make sure you know which method works best for you. If you do want to work outside however, I fully encourage you to purchase a screen cover which allows you to use your laptop in direct sunlight. What a brilliant idea!


In the summer it becomes even more tempting to go out for those al fresco fancy meals, but they will inevitably burn a hole in your pocket. A barbeque however is a lot cheaper option and why would you turn down experiencing all those summer evening clichés.  Disposable barbeques are a couple of quid and if everyone in your group pitches in for food you will see that it a lot less than Dominoes! There are lots of BBQ sites around campus which I encourage you to use, and of course a beach BBQ is required of every Falmouth student as a rite of passage. (While we’re on the subject of beach times, make sure to take as many pictures as possible and post them on every form of social media to make all of your home friends and family jealous and reconsider their life choices.)


Falmouth is full of the most beautiful locations, which are easily accessible via footpaths and if you’ve got a day free I highly recommend a long walk of self discovery along the sea front (edgy). One of my favourite walks is the coast path from Gylly to Maenporth (and beyond if you’re feeling adventurous) which has really stunning views. Flushing is a cute little town across the harbour from Falmouth, you can hop on a ferry across from town for only £2.50 each way. I strongly encourage you to explore, the best sites in Cornwall are found on foot.


The most obvious is sea swimming which of course is free, but if you want something a bit more exciting there are lots of water sports available at student prices. For this I advise you to get a Flexsi membership from the FXU. For the sum of £5 you gain access to discounted activities going on almost constantly. If you’ve always wanted to give surfing a go, you couldn’t be in a better situation.  Alternatively, splash about in a kayak or top up your tan on a paddle-board. Please (please) turn off Netflix and run to the nearest beach -these experiences are quite literally on your front door step and make for some great memories.  

Right now is the reason you came to Falmouth. Make the most of it before all the tourists invade.



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