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Campus Celebrity: Dawn French

Name: Dawn French                         

Position: Chancellor of Falmouth University

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, the one and only DAWN FRENCH. Having just become the new Chancellor we thought it was the right time to sit down with the “Queen” of comedy herself and find ou

t a little more about her and see if her personality matches that of what we see on television.

Hi Dawn, firstly how did you come across Falmouth University?

“I rehearsed here for my show in Kernow and was fascinated at the high quality of talent and the amazing facilities that the university provides.”

So now you are reining ‘Queen’ of Falmouth University, what is your favourite item of clothing you are wearing today?

“The crown! It was made especially for me today, it includes shells and pearls which were collected from the beach and entwined throughout the crown.”

Now that you are currently sat in our students union, what is your favourite drink on offer?

“Well, I’m currently drinking a lemon and lime slushy which is non-alcoholic as I’ve got to go up to Pendennis Point in a little while for the staff party, so can’t be too squiffy for that. However I do really like slushies’ they remind me so much of my childhood.”

(Her campus can confirm in fact the ‘lemon slushy’ Dawn was drinking was in fact a alcoholic margarita slushy. GO DAWN.)

Following that, what is your favourite drink of all time?

“Definitely dark rum on the rocks.”

And finally, what has been the highlight of your day?

“The fact is that the support is so overwhelming and so welcoming everyone is so friendly and most of all are so eccentric, Falmouth is a great place to be and I cannot wait to start and get to know the area.”

Big Thank You to Dawn for her time and keep your eyes out for Dawn wandering around Falmouth and seeing her at graduation!


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