Campus Celebrity: Ashleigh Fox

Recently, Falmouth's Writers in Residence guest was the internationally acclaimed, award winning author Lionel Shriver, who famously wrote the novel We Need To Talk About Kevin. Twelve lucky applicants were chosen based on their writing talent to be a part of the once in a lifetime workshop and got to spend an invaluable six weeks with the author, writing stories and critiquing each other's work!

Ashleigh Fox, studying English with Creative Writing, gives her thoughts on the experience.

Ashleigh Fox


HC: What was your reaction when you found out you got picked to be a part of the Writers in Residence workshop?

AF: I was walking home from town and I'm pretty sure all the excitement made me walk up the hill quicker! I remember getting home and telling my mum who was really thrilled for me, and then I set about telling everyone else I knew! I think I was just really impressed she was coming to the university, never mind actually holding workshops and that I'd actually been picked for them; that was a very special feeling.


HC: How did you get on in the workshops?

AF: I think the workshops have helped me quite a bit. It's meant that my writing has become stronger, simply from improving my grammar and style of writing. I really enjoyed meeting people from different stages of the course and being able to read their work and have some great feedback on mine. The opinions of 12 different people really help you to improve your work.


HC: Do you have a favourite memory from the workshop?

AF: Lionel Shriver asking who 'Honey Boo Boo' was, and trying to describe Umami. (I still need to try that!)


HC: Is there anything you would’ve changed?

AF: No not at all! I think it's been an excellent learning curve. I feel really privileged that I've had the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic experience. It's definitely something I won't forget.


At the end of the workshops, Lionel received a gift from her students and a card to show their appreciation for all her advice. On Thursday, she headed back up to London where she lives, after receiving a send off from all the university lecturers!