The Best Places to Visit In Cornwall!

Ever fancied visiting some beautiful attractions in and around Cornwall? There are some fabulous places that you can wonder around…..


The Eden Project

The first place I’d imagine would come to mind when Cornwall is merely mentioned, would be the Eden Project. These wonderful plant life–filled biomes attract hundreds of people every year, because they house some of the world’s most rare plant specimens, from places such as Malaysia, and many of the other tropical countries in the world. The biomes that contain the different variety of plants are kept within their natural living conditions, so hot and humid is what is to be expected when you enter! Even if you are not particularly interested in the leafier side of things, this is still a great place to experience the climate that they naturally inhibit, specially recreated for this attraction.


Paradise Park

Situated near Hayle, this unique attraction aims to showcase a beautiful collection of Birds of Prey, along with Otters, Owls and even Penguins! Throughout the day there are bird displays for everyone to enjoy, and take in the fantastic sights. This is the ideal place to chill out and view the amazing falconry shows.


Tintagel Castle

If you are interested in a historical day out, then this awesome castle is THE place to see. Found in the village of Tintagel, Tintagel Castle is steeped in history of legendary status. King Arthur and Merlin the Magician are all said to have been present here so you’re guaranteed an atmospheric visit.

During the period when the Normans conquered the south of England, Earl Richard of Cornwall (the younger brother of Henry III) occasionally stayed here.

There are stunning views of the sea from the castle grounds, so even if you're not interested in the historical side, it's worth a visit for the beautiful scenery.


National Maritime Museum

This museum can be found in Falmouth, containing exhibitions dedicated to the sea, boats and, of course, Cornwall.

Be sure to check out the very interesting displays, for example those of which share the stories on the people who have used the vessels. Open seven days a week, you can learn a great deal more about the sea, and all things related, in the fascinating lectures, workshops and events which will leave you feeling much more informed.


Land’s End

Land’s End is the end point of England’s island (of course) and makes for spectacular viewing, especially on a sunny day! 

With specially carved out paths for a family-friendly walk, you can safely see the scenic view from the furthest point of the island. If you look closely enough, you might be in luck, and even catch a glimpse of Dolphins or Seals! This is definitely a view not to be missed!