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7 Perfect Pubs for Procrastination in Falmouth

If you’re new to Falmouth and have yet to stumble through town late on a Thursday night or during the weekend, here is a quick list of the must – visit places! Although if you managed to visit all of these places in just one night, we’d be very impressed, as we couldn’t possibly be able to list every single place to go.


First of all there’s the fairly standard Whetherspoons. Cheap and cheerful, it’s great if you want a bit of familiarity. But with all the other quirky little pubs and bars, it shouldn’t really be your first choice unless you are seriously lacking in pennies.



Finn McCouls is an atmospheric Irish bar – the perfect pub if you want to experience a Mini Guinness or Slippery Nipple. There’s usually always music in some form or another. Locals and students are all guilty of attempting the Irish jig!



If you fancy a trek – and I mean a trek – you can go to Jacob’s Ladder. Free pool and known for showing the football, it is ideal for a Sunday afternoon of procrastination. However, there is just the small issue of climbing 111 steps to get to it. A tip for the girls: Leave the heels at home!



Grapes, Toast and Mango’s (have you noticed a little foody theme here?) are all must-sees. Toast has inexpensive, yet slightly whacky cocktails, and Mango’s has a mini-nightclub upstairs so it’s a good alternative if you’re not quite prepared to end the night with the infamous CLUB I stamp. Mango’s also sell Guinness whereas Club I does not so if you’re a Guinness fan like me and want to avoid constantly leaving Club I to get a drink next door, it’s good to just stay at the source of your favourite thirst-quencher.



Perhaps my favourite pub is Beerwolf Books – literally a pub that sells books. What’s not to love? You can peruse the shelves whilst sipping on some cider to your hearts content – the perfect place for an English with creative writing student like me!




If you’re wanting a bit of beauty, Chain Locker has a great atmosphere. This gem sells local ales and is a nice place to just sit and people watch. As you can probably seeing the picture below, the view of the harbour is a tranquil setting, which would calm the nerves of any hardworking student.



Finally – although, there are many more pubs to explore – we have 5 Degrees West. Great for food and a casual drink, 5 Degrees usually has pub quizzes and some kind of entertainment going on. There’s also a mini (very mini) club downstairs called Five Below, which is worth checking out if you fancy a boogie.


If you’ve done a pub-crawl through Falmouth and have visited somewhere not on this list, be sure to let Her Campus know so we can check it out!

22 year old English with Creative writing student from Cornwall
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