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When your scrolling through your feed, you probably see photos of people looking amazing and wonder how they take such good photos. Here’s some tips to step up your instagram game. 

Lighting is key

Try and get your face evenly lit. You can do this best by taking your selfies near a window on a slightly over cast day. If it’s too sunny, the lighting will be harsh and create unflattering shadows on your face.

A pop of colour

Ad a pop of colour to your photo through a bright lipstick or colourful top. This will draw the eye to your photo as people scroll through.

Get creative with angles

Everyone knows the from above angle is good, but try different things, maybe a photo from side on will look better. Take loads at all different angles and see what works best for you.

Hide the phone

Tyra banks taught me this one on Americas Next Top Model. If you have the phone right in front of you in a mirror selfie, it looks distracting. Instead hold your phone to the side of you, tilting slightly up like this….

Look fab

We all have those days where we take loads of photos but we just feel ugly in all of them. Scrolling through the gram can be depressing when everyone else looks so good, but remember, you are beautiful on the inside and out and your worth is not determined by your selfies or how many likes you get. You are beautiful, always.

Hi, I am Jessica and I am your Falmouth Campus Correspondent! When I am not in advertising lectures, you will probably find me drawing plants or taking photos.
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