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5 Female Queer Musicians You Need to Hear Right Now

Finding music from unapologetically queer women can be difficult in all the noise. Having female voices to look up to and connect to as young queer women is really important and so I’ve made a list of my ten favorite songs by queer ladies. Hope you enjoy!

1.Hayley Kiyoko

Dubbed ‘Lesbian Jesus’, Kiyoko is an American singer, dancer and actor who’s music is unapologetically about her love for women.  She explores those very relatable gay girl moments that straight artists just cant relate to, and listening to her new album Expectations was the first time I heard stories about girls that matched my own experiences. 

2.Against Me!

Punk band Against Me! is fronted by lead singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace, a trans women who uses music to explore the way people have treated her as a trans women. Their music is raw, painful and beautiful and explores feelings that need to be explored more in a wider capacity. 


After the incredible SweetSexySavage graced our Spotify, Kehlani has been killing it recently, featuring on just about every new album this year including previously mentioned babe Hayley Kiyoko. She defines her self only as Queer, explaining that she loves all humans and she rejects labels. Honey is a warm and honest song that is perfect to chill to.

4.Tasha Sultana

Tasha Sultana is a independent Melbourne artist who makes all of her music completely alone, independently crafting all elements of her songs. Her music is a real craft and the lesbian artist uses her complex life for inspiration. 

5.Kim Petras

Pop princess Kim Petras is a trans women originally from Germany breaking through pop thanks to the help of Spotify. She first gained fame for transitioning at a young age but has recently come back into the spotlight after releasing her debut single I Don’t Want It At All and we can’t wait to see what more she has to offer.


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