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10 Reasons to Love Disney

Since November 18th, 1928 is Mickey Mouse’s birthday, it would be rude to not talk about how amazing Disney is! 

Below are some reasons to love Disney.

1) Walt Disney is inspirational.He’s a man that started the Disney empire with just drawing Mickey Mouse on a train one day. He has many relatable and amazing quotes but this one is my favourite: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them.”


2) The fantastic movie soundtracks.It’s extremely hard to sit still and not belt out along with the music when a Disney film is on.


3) The parks.

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to go. It’s impossible to have a bad time in the happiest place on earth!

4) The positive life messages.

Among the drama of every Disney film there is always a postive message!

5) It’s timeless.

Let’s face it, we’ll still be watching the same Disney films with our own children. Mickey Mouse has been making families happy for 88 years and will continue to do so for 88 more year! 

6) The magic.


7) The characters.

Whether it’s the princesses, the princes, the animals or even the villians, we still love them all!

8) The Castle.


9) The emphasis on good morals.

Whether it’s Snow White and the 7 dwarfs, Elsa and Anna, or the friendly animals that I’m waiting to clean my uni flat for me, the Disney films show us that family and friends are very important! 

10) There’s no age limit.

It’s acceptable to love Disney at any age (hence the reason why there’s adult humour in most of the movies).





I'm a first year Creative Events Management student at Falmouth University in Cornwall. I'm a beauty queen from Wiltshire andI'm currently Face of The Globe England 2017!
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