You Need to Follow Cosmo's New Web Series, "We Said Whaaat?”

"We Said Whaaat?” Collegiettes, you need to add Cosmo's New Web Series to your watchlist! If you love all things, beauty, relationships, and life advice related, then this web series is a must-watch! The web series has Sam Feher, Editorial Assistant, and assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Pels, going through the Cosmo archives to see what hacks were perfect and what has improved over the years. Every episode will consist of Feher reading through vintage issues and testing out some of the craziest tips they printed. Celeb guests will be assisting and helping Feher test out the products.



The first episode has Feher and The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown making a unique concoction of mashed potatoes, egg yolks, and vitamin E. Brown rubbed the chunky and watery mixture on Feher’s face. While that may sound like a disgusting combination, the mixture is Mario Badescu’s face-mask recipe. It’s still up in the air if this Cosmo tip holds up.



The show will definitely bring you a lot of laughs, and maybe it will encourage you to try a tip or two. If you are interested, visit Cosmo’s website to check out all the exciting new content!