Will Kim Kardashian Ever Keep Her Clothes On?

While most individuals prefer to keep sexy, scandalous, and clothes-less pictures to themselves, Kim Kardashian likes to incentivize her followers and fans by sharing a little more than what’s necessary. The world saw a little too much Kimmy K booty back in the end of last year when she “broke the internet,” and we all saw a little more a few weeks ago when she hit 27 million Instagram followers.

Kim instagrammed this photo with the caption “27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!” with a little kissy face emojii to top it all off. The photo got almost 900k likes, and millions of views.

The thing is, people love to see photos like this one. Revealing celebrity pics are hard to come by from the celebrity themselves (as opposed to the tabloids), and now even more people will follow Kim Kardashian to see what her next million-follower-milestone will bring them.

So, will Kim ever keep her clothes on? Probably not. Why would she—it gets her the fame she desires.