Why Zayn Malik has Every Right to be A Normal 22-Year-Old

Panic and depression struck the Internet today when One Direction member, Zayn Malik announced that he is leaving the band. In his statement, which was announced through the bands official Facebook page, Zayn says he wants to be a normal 22-year-old and have a more private life. 

While fans are distraught over the news and don’t understand how Zayn could betray them, I commend him on his decision. You do you, dude. Being in your early twenties is awesome and he deserves to experience it. Let’s all just let Zayn live, okay?

1. Have you ever thought holy sh*t what am I doing with my life? What if this isn’t the path I want to be on?  Yeah well, when you wanted to switch your major from Accounting to Studio Art no one shamed you for it.

2.Making mistakes in your twenties is as normal as breathing; the kid needs some fresh air. As a One Direction band member he had little room for error because he’s supposed to be this amazing and perfect role model.

3.We all deserve to be a little selfish sometimes. Yes, I said it. You deserve to be selfish sometimes because you deserve to be happy. It’s amazing to put others first and make people feel good, but it’s not fair if you jip yourself in the process.

4.There are probably things that you’ve done, or do, that you don’t want your twelve-year-old little cousin to know about. And they don’t have to because you’re not in the spotlight all the time. You can take a ridiculously inappropriate photo and the worst that happens is your friend posts it to Facebook and you ask them to take it down. Zayn didn’t have that room because duh, role model (see no. 2).

5.There’s a lot of cool stuff that he still needs to accomplish. How boring would life be if you peak at 22? I would like to think that I have a lot more to offer this world, and Zayn probably does also. He’s moving on from One Direction the way some of us 22-year-old’s are graduating college. It’s been an amazing four years (five years, in Zayn’s case) but it’s time to move on.