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Why You Don’t Need A Shoe Subscription Box

Subscription boxes. You can’t ignore them and you probably are even tempted by them. You name it, there’s probably a subscription box service for it. As a college student, anything being shipped to the comfort of the campus center is a dream come true. So when a collegiette hears about a service that ships shoes to our doorstep, naturally we are going to be intrigued.

As alluring as they may seem, what most people don’t realize about these subscription services are the hidden rates. Many shoe subscription boxes have a flat rate that must be paid monthly in order to receive the box in the first place. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing a pair of shoes during a particular month, you will still be stuck paying the average cost of about $40 per month.

Even if you aren’t deterred by the price of the box and believe that picking out a pair of shoes per month is worth it for your wallet and your closet, beware the hidden fees. Many of these sites make you pay additionally for the shoes you pick out! I don’t know about you, but possibly paying over $50 for a pair of shoes to be shipped to my mailbox is totally not in my budget.

What is in my budget is checking out a store like Forever 21 or Marshalls for a pair of reasonably priced shoes that you can purchase when needed. Whether I want to run to the mall or order them online, my wallet will be much happier without a subscription box.

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