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Why Small Talk is the Worst

Small talk: Possibly the most uncomfortable situation we put ourselves through on a daily basis. Whether it is an awkward interaction between past friends or a literal interrogation by a stranger, everyone tries to avoid it. It just makes people uncomfortable and we end up saying things we don’t actually mean or feel. Here are seven awkward go-to phrases people say to break the silence and what actually crosses our minds.

1. Hey how are you?

Our Response: Oh hey, I am SO great!

*Actually I am over tired, haven’t eaten all day and I’m stressed out beyond belief but hey, I’m going to lie and say I’m great anyways.* 

2. Oh my god I love that shirt!

Our Response: Oh stop it’s not even that cute, I love yours too!

* Actually I checked my email everyday for two weeks waiting for this very shirt to arrive in my mail box because it is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.* 

3. Hey you look pretty today.

Our Response: Oh thanks so do you.

*Whoa back up. What do you mean by just today? So I am just average…mediocre looking…ugly the rest of the 364 days?* 

4. What’s up?

Our Response: Oh hey!

*Wait they just asked me what I was doing/up to and my response was hi…awkward.* 

5. Wow isn’t it so cold out!

Our Response: Yeah I know it’s freezing.

*Actually it’s so cold out it seems like Elsa’s having a meltdown and my fingers are starting to turn blue.* 

6. Oh hey did you hear that rumor about…

Our Response: Oh yeah I heard that…

*To be honest I’ve never even heard their name before but I’ll say I heard it just so I don’t sound like I live under a rock.* 

7. Hey how bout all that homework we got assigned?

Our Response:  Oh it’s not that bad!

*JK…if I complied every homework assignment I have ever gotten since freshman year it would still be less than what we just got assigned but no that isn’t really that bad right?*

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