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Why My Senior Year Is Different From The Rest

After a semester abroad and a summer interning and living in Manhattan, it made me resent going back to college for my senior year. I am probably one of the only seniors who can actually say, “I cannot wait to graduate and start my career.” I know one day I will probably eat those words. However, I honestly cannot wait to start the next chapter in my life, which for me it seems like it will be an exciting one.

My whole life I have had one mission: make it in New York City because if I could make it there, I guess I could make it anywhere?

I came to Fairfield not just for the education but to make it in NYC. Being a Jersey and city girl, I have that natural confidence that is needed to work in the industry I set my mind to: the beauty industry. It is only natural to follow that path since I had so much knowledge and passion for it. Nothing and no one would stand in my way of making it.

When I was abroad in London, I gained so much control of who I am and as well as my future. In November, I applied to “A Taste of L’Oreal”. I was selected for a phone interview while I was still abroad. Telling HR to call me London time made me feel so official. After that phone interview, I was selected to spend a weekend in NYC to compete for the summer internship at L’Oreal. After 3 days of networking, a case study, presentation and an hour interview, I was selected as an intern for the summer leading into my senior year! Yes. My dreams of working in Manhattan in the beauty industry finally were in the works.

Fast forward to the end of the summer and completing one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I craved more. When I started my senior fall semester, I was upset because I was not living at the beach. I needed something to fulfill that emptiness I knew I would feel and the only thing that would make me feel complete was New York City. 

Coco Chanel then came into my life. Not actually her, but the company. I will never forget the moment I received that phone call that Chanel wanted me to intern on their skincare marketing team. I can honestly say I was living the dream. Every morning was hard and I hated that I had this long commute into the city. 5:45 a.m. was my wake up call to catch the 7:13 a.m. train into Manhattan. I complained, I was exhausted, but every time I walked through the doors at Chanel I felt whole. This is what I lived for and it will drive me right into my future. 

After a fast fall semester, I was heading into my final semester of college. I told myself I would never intern in the city again because of all the schoolwork, exhaustion and the bill I gave my dad (#UnpaidInternProblems). Then, once again, I was presented an opportunity that would be dumb to turn down. If I were able to work my schedule out to have two free days to intern: why would I not do it? I was given the opportunity to work at Harper’s BAZAAR. It was time to switch from Coco Chanel to Miranda Priestly. I did it, I told myself. I hit every company I dreamed of working at.

I might have not lived at the beach or participated in every day drink planned out for senior year, but I fulfilled my senior year in a different way. I am a city girl; I need that dose of Manhattan in my life. From my internships in the city to my four months abroad, I learned two things: independence and to work for what I want. I am confident that after my three internships, I am going in the direction I always planned. I wanted the beauty industry I got the beauty industry. I wanted to be in New York City, I got New York City. Lastly, I wanted to make a career for myself, I am going to make a huge career for myself.

I am not the type to say: “I want to be”. I am the type to say: “I will be.” Interning and focusing on myself senior year was the biggest accomplishment I have ever made. I know what it takes to work for dream companies like Chanel and Harper’s Bazaar. I am set to strive and continue to take over New York City and the beauty industry. 

Hi Loves! My names Audriana currently studying Marketing and Journalism at Fairfield University. I'm a Philly girl with a bubbly personality. I love anything Pink! Style icons: Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen.  New York City, Iced Tea and Gossip Girl addict. Fell in love with London and traveling while abroad my fall junior semester. Follow my beauty/fashion blog www.beyondyourblowout.com and on instagram  @audrossano
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