Why Body Image Should Have Nothing To Do With Your Self Worth

“I hate my thighs!” “My arms are so fat.” “How do you get a thigh gap?” “OMG look at her body! She’s SOOO skinny.”  Honestly, how many times a week do you think people hear us girls say these phrases? I’m guessing a lot. Being guilty myself, the truth is most of society is at a constant war with their bodies.

Unfortunately, our culture has become so absorbed with the size zero supermodels and the re-touched photos of the “smoke shows,” flaunting their size D cups and tiny waistlines on the front cover of the hottest tabloids.  Nothing against the beauty industry, but it is important to realize there is much more to life than trying to attain society’s impossible standards of female beauty.

So ladies, do yourself a favor and next time you look in the mirror instead of critiquing yourself, find one positive thing you love about yourself and give yourself credit for how special you really are. Recognize that you are unique, strong, and loveable and most importantly you are beautiful. Because every step toward self-love, and every bit of confidence you give yourself, makes the world realize we are perfectly imperfect, and we are beautiful.