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Where to Find the Best Long Sleeve Going Out Tops

With spring semester starting, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your looks for going out! Whether it’s a night out in the city, a dinner party, or even just a wine night and staying-in, we’ve got you covered with some of the best winter trends. I’ve gathered some of my most reliable spots with varying price ranges that will work with anyone’s budget!

When it comes to eye-catching, bright-colored, and patterned long sleeve tops, I say you check out Revolve, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Princess Polly. 

Revolve ($$$) has so many brands, so they can range from pricey to pretty reasonable. My favorite options are: “Super Down,” “NBD,” and “Majorelle.” Zara ($$) is super similar to Revolve based on the style of clothing, but you can find long sleeve tops for less money. While you can find statement pieces at Zara, their basic long sleeves are also amazing staples for anyone’s wardrobe. Long sleeve tops at Urban ($$) and Princess Polly ($$) are my go-to’s because they are always keeping up with styles that reflect the most recent fashion trends like silk tops—they also have SO many options!

Another recommendation I can’t share enough about is Aritzia ($$$). While this store is a pricier option, the tops they manufacture are 1000% worth every penny. The quality of Aritzia’s brands like Babaton, TNA, and Wilfred is unmatched. You will find a lot of basics at Aritzia, but they are staple pieces that never get old because you can style them in so many different ways. Their long sleeve tops come in every color possible and give you room to use statement bags/jewelry/shoes to elevate your outfit!

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Hi! I am a sophomore Psychology major in the Honors Program at Fairfield University. I am passionate about self-care, working out, traveling, and style!
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