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When You Know You’re In Love With Fairfield

It’s no secret that Fairfield University students enjoy attending such a beautiful school. There are definitely signs that students show about how much they love the school, without even realizing it.

1.  You own wayyyy too much Fairfield attire.

Sweatshirts, sweatpants, you name it. If it says Fairfield, you probably own it. Sale at the bookstore? You’re totally picking up the new Fairfield Spirit Jersey.

2. You make your Instagram location Fairfield.

Even though you’ve tagged it 50 times before, you never miss a chance to put Fairfield University in the location section of your posts. You want everyone to know where you’re having fun.

3. You always post pictures of campus.

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, you always showcase the beauty of Fairfield on all of your social media platforms.

4. You take random walks around campus.

Sometimes we all need a breather, and what better way than to take a walk. If you find yourself taking random walks, either by yourself or with friends, you definitely love your campus.

5. You look forward to coming back after breaks.

Everyone needs their vacation time, but when that vacation ends, you don’t necessarily feel upset about coming back to school. There’s something about being surrounded by friends with plenty of things to do that is extremely uplifting.

6. You are involved with clubs.

Of course, you want to experience everything the school you love has to offer, and what better way than getting involved!

7. Anything red makes you think of Fairfield.

When you’re at home and see a red sweatshirt, you automatically think it’s someone from school. Even though you know you’re the only person from your town that goes here.

8. You consider people you met here your best friends.

It’s easy to make friends, but it’s definitely more difficult to make best friends. The community of people here are so welcoming and friendly, it’s easy to make these types of real friends. After living together for years, it’s easy for friendships to become life-long.

9. You have at least one professor you know you can talk to.

You at least have one professor a semester who really goes above and beyond for their students.

10. You’re not afraid to be yourself.

Only when you feel completely comfortable are you really able to be yourself, which Fairfield’s environment definitely provides. 


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