What You Need to Know About Love Languages

The five love languages are representative of how you receive love from others. When it comes to the way in which we best receive love, we are all different. The way you give, or express, your love to your partner will vary from person to person. Learning the best ways to give your partner love, as well as asking your partner to give you love in the ways you best receive it will make for a very strong and successful relationship. 


The first love language is words of affirmation. If you are someone who feels loved and happy upon being told “great job,” or that you look attractive, this may be your primary love language. 


The second love language is acts of service. Acts of service can be something as simple as your partner running an errand for you, or taking care of something for you without you having to ask. This may be your foremost love language if you find that when your partner helps with tasks, you feel an alleviation of stress. 


The third love language is receiving gifts. An example of this can be when your partner gifts you a small treat or gift as their way of telling you they were thinking of you. 


The fourth love language is quality time. This could be your primary love language if you feel most loved when you and your partner have a date night, or even a deep conversation with each other. 


The final love language is physical touch. If you feel most happy and affectionate when you and your partner are holding hands, or laying close to each other, this could be your top love language. 


It is important to remember that whenever you are in a relationship, it is not just your partner who is responsible for showing you love and affection in your most favorable ways, but also your responsibility to make sure your partner is receiving love in the ways they find most fit for themselves. If you are unsure of the best way to show your partner love, don’t be afraid to ask them!