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This Is What Happens When You Let Your Guy Friends Dress You For The Week


It’s mid-February and I think it’s safe to say we are all sick of picking out our outfits. Those bags of new clothes you bought over winter break just aren’t cutting it anymore and your morning routine has turned into starring blankly at your closet. This was my life at least until complaining about it to a group of my guy friends. To get me to shut up, they jokingly picked out an outfit they thought I should wear the next day. From there, the silly idea turned into quite an experience.

There were rules going into it. I wasn’t allowed to do my hair (natural waves only) or wear makeup for the entire week. As for clothing, I wasn’t allowed to have a say in anything and if I were caught not wearing the outfit of choice, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from my guy friends. If you are thinking why would any girl ever agree to something like this, you are not alone, I am still asking myself that same question.

By the end of this experience, it brought my friend group closer and we definitely have quite a range of inside jokes now. Follow my week below and just be thankful you’re only looking at the ugly clothes and not actually the girl walking to class in them.

Monday Outfit #1: Snow Day ft. Striped Sweater, Corduroys, and Bean Boots 

Time Spent: 4 minutes

Their Idea: “It’s snowing so you need to be warm”

Amount of Stares: 50%

My Take: We started off the week not as bad as I expected. Pink stripes and khaki corduroys were an obvious fail but I was happy I was trudging through the snow in my beloved bean boots and not something crazy like flats or my shower shoes.

Tuesday Outfit #2: 8 a.m. Look ft. Patagonia w/ Jersey, Leggings, and Open-Back Slippers

Time Spent: 30 seconds

Their Idea: “Roll out of bed at 7:50 look”

Amount of Stares: 100%

My Take: All girls wear men jerseys to class, correct? Yikes. The jersey was a finishing touch and not something I even owned nor ever want to. Nonetheless, I was glad to wear leggings even if the backs of my feet froze because I was declined the luxury of socks.

Wednesday Outfit #3: Weather Confused Look ft. Tank, Jeans and Bean Boots 

Time Spent: 2 minutes

Their Idea: “You can just wear a big coat or something”

Amount of Stares: 80%

My Take: Weather was really not taken into consideration for this outfit. The tank top was thin and even though my bottom half was completely covered, I was still freezing. Actually, with temperatures hitting 20 degrees, for my own safety and to stop from shaking in class, I cheated and put on a sweater.

Thursday Outfit #4: Dresses are Shirts Too, ft. White Dress, Jeans, and Ugg Boots

Time Spent: 2 minutes

Their Idea: “Okay we got the long sleeves down now”

Amount of Stares: 90% (My professor actually asked me why I was wearing a dress over jeans)

My Take: Dresses are shirts right? This dress is in the back of my closet purely for last minute family dinners or gatherings, but paired with jeans the boys turned it into a super awkward shirt. The Ugg boots made it even worse, but hey, at least my toes were warm! Shout out to my very confused professor, I promise that this fashion mishap will never happen again.

Friday Outfit #5: TGIF ft. Fur Coat, VS Workout Leggings, and Cheetah Flats 

Time Spent: 6 minutes (consisted of mostly arguing)

Their Idea: “Lets be funny and pick out the worst outfit we can”

Amount of Stares: 150% (to the point I changed in the bathroom)

My Take: I have no comment at this time.

At the end of this process, I realized I surprisingly had a great week. Not having the stress of picking out an outfit each morning was a plus, but the real fun was laughing about it with the hilarious people who made it possible. Even if their fashion senses are not acceptable to yield advice from, I consider myself lucky to have such fun-loving friends.

My final advice? As much as we love them, do not let your guy friends pick out your outfit.



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