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WeWoreWhat Swim Preview Review

Over the past week, Danielle Bernstein of @WeWoreWhat has been dropping exclusive photos of her new swim line for 2021. The bathing suits include prints such as animal, butterfly, painted angels, and floral. She has been listening to all of her follower’s requests, from having more coverage to creative designing of the bathing suits. 

A big trend over this summer for bathing suits was high rise bikini bottoms. Danielle included these bottoms in her line which is definitely a plus when you want some extra coverage as well as comfort. Danielle is trying to embrace all body types in her new line. 




In pictures on her Instagram and blog, she took multiple photos from different angles showing how different her body looks without any editing, so you can truly see how the bathing suit compliments your body. This is something a lot of bathing suit companies lack when showing their product because the models are posing and taking the picture with professional equipment. I really love the transparency Danielle has with her followers to create a connection.

One of my favorite parts of her line is the hygiene liners. Danielle posted a picture of the liner on the bathing suit. Some of the comments under the post were confused and wondered why Danielle decided to include “smells like flowers” phrase. She stated, “the point of the new liners is to debunk the idea that you need to smell good down there and be a fun, nice surprise when you get the bathing suits.” I think this is really creative because girls are expected to have perfect bodies when in reality, we all have different bodies and function differently from one another. 

Overall, I’m very excited to see the whole collection when it launches on October 15 and has high expectations that girls will be wearing them everywhere next summer. You can keep up to date on her Instagram, @weworewhat, to see what the bathing suits look like and the stories behind each of the designs. Danielle also includes behind the scene footage from her choosing the color to the designing of the sketches which makes you feel a part of the process.


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