WCW: Chrissy Teigen

Our #WCW this week goes out to the woman whom all of us collegiettes aim to be. From her amazingly talented husband to her killer Instagram posts, there are tons of reasons why Chrissy Teigen is our woman crush always.

1.     She’s #goals in the kitchen- seriously! Check out her Insta @ChrissyTeigen and you’ll know what we mean.

2.     Not only does she love to cook, she also LOVES to eat- making her even more relatable!

3.     She and her dog Pippa have the funniest relationship.

4.     She rules the red carpet every time she steps foot on it.

5.    Her crying face went down in Internet history when her husband, John Legend, won a Golden Globe for his song “Glory.” Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like this look!

6.     She and husband John Legend are our #relationship goals- you can practically feel their love!

7.     Our girl also served as the inspiration for everyone’s dream wedding song, “All Of Me” by her husband John Legend <3.

8.     Teigen had a fairytale wedding in Italy with a dress fit for a princess. BRB, pinning this onto our wedding board!

9.  Stars: they take bad selfies, just like us!

10.  She has a great sense of humor, as demonstrated by her creative poolside snacking.


We can probably all agree that Chrissy has proved herself to be our #LifeGoals.