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Universal Thread: Target’s New Inclusive Fashion Line

The world-wide known and loved discount store retailer, Target, has come out with a new, inclusive line of clothing called Universal Thread.

The name of the denim-heavy line originates from the intention to provide clothes able to fit (and look amazing on) women of all shapes and sizes. The label will have sizes ranging from 00-26W.

Not only did Target designers aim to respect women’s varying body types, they are also being kind to our wallets, too. Yes, prices for this brand will start at $5.00 and end at $39.99.

The idea for this line came from the roughly 1,000 women that Target designers consulted regarding shopping habits for jeans. After the many discussions, designers established that women have an utter hatred for shopping for denim.

As Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchants officer said, “Whether the rise was too long or the inseam was too short or the pair of jeans they wanted didn’t come in their size — finding the perfect fit for their body type was just too challenging.”

Preach, Mark.

Target designers plan to continue to construct fairly priced, size inclusive, trendy apparel.  “Guests will see newness in Universal Thread each month, whether that’s seasonal pieces like shorts and tanks for summer, or fashion items based on new trends,” says Tritton.

Universal Thread will launch on February 4th in all Target stores and online.


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