The Ultimate Fairfield Bucket List

Fairfield has so much to offer, and with only four years to do everything, it can be hard to figure out what to do and make sure that it all gets done! To make it easier for you, here are 10 must-dos before you graduate!


1.Ride the Stag

The tradition you’ve hopefully heard of since orientation, is absolutely a necessity.


2.Take Porch Pics at the Townhouses

Did you really go to Fairfield if you don’t have a cute picture of you and your roomies on one of the Townhouse porches? 


3.Swim in the Sound

One of the perks of going to Fairfield is the beautiful beach! What could be better than taking a dip in the Sound on a hot day? 


4.Watch the Sunset at Sasco

Another beautiful beach in Fairfield that will also give you a killer view of the sunset. Take a drive down, plant your feet in the sand, and watch the sky turn pink. 


5.Hike the Sleeping Giant

About a 40-minute drive, but a great place to go to explore the great outdoors!


6.Grab a Drink at the Grape

Whether it’s a regular Friday or a $2 Tuesday, going to the Grape is a must!


7.Have a Terrible Time at Toads 

An experience that every first-year goes through is going to Toads in New Haven. The 18+ club will have you wishing you went to a bar school….Until you realize how gross it really is and you realize nothing can beat the townhouses and the beach. 


8.Eat at the Local Joints

Fairfield has so many great places to eat out. A few favorites are Colony, Firehouse Deli, Saugatuck Sweets, Plan B, Flipside, Taco Loco, and Brick n Wood. 


9.Attend a Point Day

Saturdays are for the Point! One of the best and most unique features of Fairfield University is the beach and the amazing darties on Saturdays (in any weather). 



After all, graduation is the goal!