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TV Shows Incorporating Covid-19 into their Storylines

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

As we all know, it has been an emotional roller coaster living during this pandemic, and a lot of us have said things like “I feel like I’m living in a scary movie” or “wow, this stuff is seriously like out of a TV show,” etc. Well now, TV shows are taking what’s actually going on in the world and incorporating it into their storylines of new episodes, and it’s really crazy to watch. Here are some ways TV shows have included COVID-19 into their screenplays. 


1.The Good Doctor

One of my all-time favorites, The Good Doctor, included the coronavirus in an obvious way, cases in the hospital. It really showed the U.S.’s initial reaction when it first hit: doctors sending patients home at first thinking it’s the flu, hospital floors becoming COVID-only units, families having to say goodbye to suffering family members via FaceTime, etc. All the main tragedies you can think of from the initial strike. I’m eager to see the episodes they come out with to follow. 


2.This Is Us

As another one of my absolute favorite shows, This Is Us has incorporated COVID in a more character lifestyle change way. The members of the show are going about their initial screenplay, but now with social distancing, quarantining and testing before seeing each other, use of masks, and excessive sanitizing, etc. involved. Ultimately, showing the characters living the life that we are all starting to get used to. 


3.Greys Anatomy

Everybody’s favorite, Grey’s Anatomy, has also made connections to the pandemic with their newest episodes. The hospital is suffering a shortage of PPE, struggling to go home and see their kids, being overworked, etc. Things that nurses, doctors, and other frontline workers have been unfortunately dealing with for months. 


And that’s not all, other medical shows like The Resident are incorporating the pandemic in similar ways as Greys, and the Good Doctor did. South Park, a cartoon, also came up with a special episode related to the pandemic. As did others like Shameless, Black-ish, etc. 


These are the first of many shows and movies that are going to alter their screenplays to reference the pandemic. It’s honestly so surreal and saddening seeing these aspects looped into shows we would watch all the time. It’s really showing how much this pandemic has taken over our world. However, the shows are doing a good job of displaying the reality and seriousness of every step and precaution.


Katie Mazzotta

Fairfield '21

Katie Mazzotta, from Massachusetts, studies marketing and finance at Fairfield University. She is the campus correspondent for Fairfield's Her Campus chapter. Her creativity and marketing skills provide a beneficial influence on the chapter's event planning and social media accounts. In her free time, she loves the beach and spending time with friends and family.