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Try Guys Have a New Show Coming to Food Network and Discovery+

If you’ve ever accidentally watched Try Guys videos until three in the morning, we feel you. If you haven’t, time to try something new. 


After ballet dancing, babysitting, and eating everything at Taco Bell, the Try Guys have decided it’s time to take on television. In a new series on the Food Network, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfield, Ned Fulmer and Eugene Lee Yang will attempt to cook, bake, and potentially burn dishes without a recipe. 

The YouTube sensations have shared many recipe-less moments on their channel through the “Without a Recipe” series since 2017 when they blindly made bread. This partnership with Food Network to air on TV and stream on Discovery + will undoubtedly bring that cooking content to another level. 


The show’s working title is said to be No Recipe Road Trip with the Try Guys, and we couldn’t be more excited. President of the Food Network, Courtney White, applauded their “incredible energy and extraordinary sense of humor, that is irresistible paired with their devil may care attitude,” according to Mashed


It’s true that the Try Guys’ charisma and personality are unmatched. We know Eugene will easily create something we probably couldn’t complete with the recipe, but that’s part of the fun. If you haven’t been introduced to their growing enterprise, check out their channel before the new show releases.

They’ve also made a documentary called Behind the Try: A Try Guys Documentary, which is now streaming everywhere. We follow the Try Guys on their tour while witnessing the balance between their individual needs and those of the group. Here’s the trailer. Also, check out this “tryceratops” plushie.

Jackie Campbell

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