Trendsetter Tuesday Firehouse Deli


Trendsetters pave the way for all of our favorite things to become popular. We can thank trendsetters for the fashion, beauty, and food that we all love.

For this week’s Trendsetter Tuesday, we are showcasing Firehouse Deli. Firehouse, a staple in the town of Fairfield, is definitely right up there on the list of ~trendsetters we love~. Their food is creative, with a hint of comfort, as shown throughout their menu. A BEC is the ultimate cure on a Sunday morning, and it’s even better with avocado and a hash brown if you ask us!

If the breakfast sandwiches don’t amaze your taste buds, lunch is no joke there, either. From wraps, to paninis, to burgers and fries, Firehouse ~has it all~! Our go-to is the Redgate, which is grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, jack cheese, and (amazing) basil mayo on a hard roll. It’s obviously delicious with its original ingredients, but our Her Campus Fairfield Redgate hack is to ask for chicken cutlet instead of grilled chicken and have it panini-pressed. You’ll thank us later.

Nothing can ever replace this town and student favorite. What’s not to love about its homey and charming picnic-style indoor and outdoor seating? And don’t forget our personal favorite feature… They accept Fairfield University Stag Cards!

So, thank you, Firehouse Deli! Shout out to you this week for your amazing food and adorable atmosphere. There’s no other way to be ~trendier~ than to post a photo like this on your Instagram!