Trendsetter Tuesday: Fall Fashion Tips with Fiona Cullum

There are so many things we love about fall - the changing leaves, switching over our Starbucks order to hot drinks, binging Netflix on a cold, rainy day, and of course, fall fashion. Let’s be real. Fall outfits are the cutest and most fun to put together. We wanted to share some of our favorite fall fashion tips with you.

First, the best colors to be seen wearing this fall are deep navy’s and bright oranges. We love the look of a neutral like navy, paired with a pop of fall color like bright orange.

A fun blanket scarf is your best friend in the fall. It adds that extra kick to an outfit you may think is too simple or boring. You can wear your blanket scarf so many ways. Let it hang down casually, drape it over your shoulders like a poncho, or loop it around your neck like a traditional scarf. There are so many possibilities to make a blanket scarf one of the ~essential~ fall pieces.

Layering layering layering! Fall weather is usually pretty unpredictable. Layering will not only help you conquer this, but you’ll look good doing it too. Our favorite layering tip is to have a fall jacket that you love.