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Top 5 Nicholas Sparks Movies to Binge Over Spring Break

If you’re like me, and not going on a ~beachy~ spring break trip, you might be thinking about how you want to spend your week. Ladies, it doesn’t exactly feel like spring outside (thanks for nothing @ groundhog) indoor activities might be your best bet! I don’t know about you but nothing hits the spot like a romance movie and let’s be honest,  no one does romance better than Nicolas Sparks. Am I right? Here are our top 5 Nicholas Sparks movies to watch over break.


1. The Longest Ride – This movie is two love stories in one and is a must see. Starring Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson, this movie has everything: bull riding, a cute old man, a strong female lead, and handwritten love letters (insert heart eye emoji).  


2. Safe Haven – Julianne Hough learns to love again in this 2013 masterpiece. This movie has all the Nicholas Sparks staples: a small town on the North Carolina coast, a girl with a mysterious past, a friendly DILF (played by Josh Duhamel) and two adorable kids!


3. The Best of Me – If you love James Marsden, this is the right movie for you! Featuring the incredibly hot ~Australian~ heartthrob, Luke Bracey this is another heart-wrenching young love story about the consequences of our choices.


4. The Choice –Not only is Benjamin Walker dripping in Southern charm in this film, but he also plays a vet with an adorable furry best friend who woos Teresa Palmer. As cute and fun as this flick is, it still is full of drama and will leave you on the ~edge~ of your seat!


5. The Last Song – last but not least, this iconic romance film not only brought us Liam Hemsworth but also a sensational soundtrack. Miley and Liam tying the knot just last month, it’s the perfect time to revisit where their relationship started with this touching young love story.


Happy Watching Collegiettes! Xoxo

Grace Cannon

Fairfield '20

Grace is a Communications Major at Fairfield University searching for the meme-ing of life. She lives by a Tom Haverford quote "Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot" and enjoys the 1987 film Dirty Dancing. 
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