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Top 5 Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Halloween is one of the best holidays to show off your creativity and channel your inner makeup artist. Bold Eyeshadows? Check! Fake Lashes? Check! Fake Blood? Check!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite tutorials on YouTube to give you some inspiration for your upcoming Halloweekend. Get ready to serve some killer looks!

1. Veronica Lodge

Riverdale is one of the most popular TV shows on air at the moment. It is only fitting to start the list with the show’s resident fashionista. If you want a makeup look that is effortless and simple, then this an excellent option for you!

2. It (2017)

It was a favorite Halloween movie this spooky season. This costume is ideal for people who want to show a glimpse of their frightening side and test their makeup artistry skills. What better way to show your appreciation for the movie than by dressing up like Pennywise!

3. Vampire

Some may feel like it is overdone, but I think a vampire is a classic Halloween costume. Sometimes you do not want to commit to a full face of makeup like the Pennywise costume, but you still want to have a scary element for your costume. A vampire is the best of both worlds because the makeup look is not complicated, but you can still display horrific components.

4. Mermaid

A mermaid costume is perfect for a person who is not into the creepy part of Halloween. The makeup look is still an elaborate Halloweekend look, but in a cute and stylish manner instead of scary. The bright colors and use of shimmer is what landed this tutorial a spot on the list.

5. Deer

Last but certainly not least, a deer makeup look is the epitome of Fairfield University. It is the perfect way to show off your school spirit. Stags up!

These are just some of the many makeup tutorials on YouTube that you can choose to recreate for your costume this weekend. It will be a tough decision to pick which one to do, but I am sure you all will look ~Boo-tiful~! Happy Halloween, Stags!!!


Danielle Vazzano is a senior at Fairfield University and is from New York City. She is majoring in English/Professional Writing and minoring in Politics and Catholic Studies. Some of her favorite things include hanging out with friends, reading, and exploring. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy during the Spring 2019 semester.
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