Tips on Landing Your Dream Internship

Internships are essential in college to testing the waters and exploring various careers paths in your field of study. A major goal to work towards during your college career is to secure as many different internships as you possibly can. But of course, that is easier said than done. After years of hard work, I have secured my dream internship for this upcoming summer on Wall Street in New York City. Here are some of my tips on how to land your dream internship!

  1. Network

If you do not have a LinkedIn account, make one now! Connecting with Fairfield alumni is key. Schedule cold calls with alumni, send them your resume, follow up every now and then to keep the connections alive, and repeat.


2. Take dvantage of the career center

You are paying lots of money to attend this university, so take advantage of all the resources available to you here. ACDC (The Academic Career & Development Center) has an amazing staff that is always willing to help! Schedule an appointment for one-on-one help with your resume, cover letter, mock interviews, or even just to chat about your future career path.


3. Prepare for your interview as you would for an exam

Research the position, fully understand the role you are applying for, and be able to articulate that understanding to the interviewer(s). Employers want to know that you know what the role involves and that you are a good fit. As much as they may try to overwhelm you with questions, they just want to see how you react in a stressful situation. You know yourself best and you must portray your real self, even when you are nervous.