TikTok Hair Trends to Stay Away From

Hello Collegiettes! We hope you’re all staying as happy and healthy as can be with what’s currently going on. We understand how difficult it is right now, especially when it comes to being able to go out do things. One activity we keep resorting to is spending hours mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Some members on the popular app have been getting a little ~too~ comfortable, and have gone as far as making drastic changes to their hair for the sake of a video! Here are 4 hair trends you need to avoid, and post-quarantine your stylist will thank you for not doing them! 


1.Purple Shampoo Challenge

This is one I have seen so many times and still cringe. It’s one thing to wash your hair with purple shampoo—as a blonde, it’s my go-to—but another to coat your entire head with it and sleep in it overnight. By leaving the shampoo in that long, there is no surprise as to why girls have a purple tint in their hair even after washing it out! If you have color-treated hair, to begin with, stay away from this trend of leaving it in overnight. 



Ladies, PLEASE stop cutting your own hair to create bangs. There’s a reason you go to a hairstylist to do this—they know what they are doing and went to school for it. If you already have bangs and are just trimming them, go ahead, but if you’re bored and feel like messing with the rest of your head, put the scissors down. You’ll thank me later.


3.Shaving Your Head

This is another one I have seen going around—where girls (or guys) get super bored and decide to completely shave their heads. It can be liberating, and if you wanted to do it prior to quarantine, then go for it! #YouDoYou however, if you just want to shave your head because you’re bored and want to make a TikTok, it’s not a good enough reason. You’ll probably regret your decision the second you do it, and there is no going back once you start.


4.At-Home Perm Kits

This is one of the latest trends that I have seen, and ladies, it’s not the move. Boys have been buying these kits and either having their girlfriend or sister do it to them. It can look good, but drastic hair changes like this or the use of harsh chemicals should be done by a professional. Your hair is what people first notice a lot of the time, and if you do an at-home botched job with a perm, it’s not going to end well. 


We know that you can be super bored at home right now (trust me, we all are too) but that doesn’t mean you should resort to drastically changing your hair just to make a TikTok, unless it’s something you have ~carefully~ thought about beforehand. Good luck with the last week of classes, ladies, we’re in the home stretch!