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Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Songs from the Vault

When Taylor Swift announced that she would be releasing her version of her second album Fearless, Swifties, along with myself could not wait. Fearless has some of Taylor’s most iconic songs— “White Horse,” “Forever and Always,” and of course, “Love Story.” Even though Taylor was already giving us her version of these songs, she posted this vault door on her Instagram. The video, once decoded, showed the six songs “From the Vault” that would also be on Taylor’s version of Fearless. These songs were “You All Over Me [ft. Maren Morris],” “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “We Were Happy,” “That’s When [ft. Keith Urban],” “Don’t You,” and “Bye Bye Baby.” 


“You All Over Me [ft. Maren Morris],” was released before the entire album came out. This song has some great lyrics and vocals from Maren and Taylor. The song sounds a lot like something that would be on Red too. This is a nice song that also has some great instrumentals.


“Mr. Perfectly Fine,” also came out before the album was released. This time, Taylor released the song out of nowhere and made a quick Instagram post telling her followers to give it a listen. This song is so upbeat and fun. There is speculation that this song is about Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas. Jonas’ wife Sophie Turner even posted this song on her Instagram story with the caption “It’s NOT not a bop.” People are still not sure if it is about Jonas, but I would like to think it is. 


“We Were Happy,” this song reminds me a lot of “happiness” from Evermore. It has similar rhythm and similar themes. While this song is not one of my favorite songs off of the album, it is still a good song with even better lyrics.


“That’s When [ft. Keith Urban],” is easily one of my favorite songs “From the Vault.” Keith Urban is one of my favorite singers and when I found out that he was featured on the song, I could not wait to listen to it. Taylor and Keith’s voices blend so nicely together in this song. This song is perfect for the summertime.


I know I would say my favorite song at the end of this article, but I should tell you now that it is easily “Don’t You.” This song is so well-written and will definitely get you in your feels. I think the reason I liked this song so much is because it reminds me a lot of “tolerate it” from Evermore. The lyrics of this song are also some of my favorites “From the Vault.”


“Bye Bye Baby,” is such a fun song to listen to. This song reminds me a lot of a song you would hear on Speak Now. I love Taylor’s vocals on this song and I can’t wait to blast this song in my car!


What did you think of the songs “From the Vault”? Do you have a favorite song? 

Eileen is currently a Communications major at Fairfield University. She is from Lexington, Massachusetts, and loves to make trips to Boston whenever she can. Some interests include writing, music, and fashion.
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