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Thoughts Every Senior Has During Last Registration

The fact that seniors are now registered for their last semester of college as undergrads is worse than all the ~Sunday scaries~ combined. Although every registration is stressful, but there is something bittersweet about the last one. Although, I can’t say I am going to miss the anxiety of checking to see if my classes have filled up before I register.

Here are some thoughts all seniors have during their last registration:

1. How is it registration already? Didn’t senior year start like yesterday? It’s true when they say that senior year flies by so enjoy it while it lasts!

2. I really thought I had more time till my last semester of college like… am I supposed to adult now? SOS!

3. I know exactly what classes I need to take. I just hope I can get into them. Remember freshman year when the world was our oyster and we had a wide variety of classes choose from. Can I go back to that?

4. If I don’t get into the classes I need, does that mean I don’t graduate? I mean I obviously need to graduate so if I don’t get in, they will just have to write me in. I guess being a ~senior citizen~ isn’t the worst thing ever.

5. How can I arrange my schedule so I have two days off but all my classes that I need are on different days at different times? I guess you can catch me on campus Monday-Friday (unfortunately).

6. Registration was remarkably easy and no tears were shed so that is a huge plus. I’m almost sad that I will never register for classes again, it’s so bittersweet. Bye registration, ~forever~.

7. Now that registration is over I can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I will graduate with all the classes I need. Thank god, now here’s to enjoying the rest of senior year!!


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