Thoughts about T-Swift Collab with Shawn Mendes on Lover

Calling all Swifties! Taylor Swift released a remix version of her hit song “Lover” from her most recent album with the same name that features none other than Shawn Mendes. Diehard fans will notice changes in the lyrics to incorporate Mendes’ angelic voice. "We can light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen, baby/Pictures of when we were young hang on the wall/We'll sit on the stoop/I'll sing love songs to you," he sings. Despite some changes to the chorus, the melody and opening lyrics written by the “Reputation” singer remain the same.

The latest hit is said to be written about Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn, giving fans a glimpse into their relationship despite keeping it tightly under wraps. Swift released the news of her collaboration with Mendes in a video posted to Instagram, stating, “it is featuring Shawn Mendes, and he has taken ‘Lover,’ and he has rewritten parts of it, which I think is so important because I love him as a writer. And I also think that everybody would write a different love letter to their lover and I think his take on it is so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to hear it. I’m so, so, so excited about this, and I hope you are too.” Although the drama with Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records just got even more intense, Swift was able to deliver a love ballad that not only is topping the charts but is also something she will personally own. I must say that I loved the song before the collab, but now that Mendes is on the track, I have not been able to stop listening to it! Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is back and better than ever.


Enjoy the “Collaborashawn” Collegiettes!