Things to do When Your Parents Come To Visit

Some of the best days of the week, month, or year are when our parents come to visit us at school. Visits are a time to show your parents how far you’ve come since they dropped you off, not have to eat Barrone, and pretend that you have everything together for just a few hours. All jokes aside, visits from your parents are great because lets face it, though we are having a blast we really do miss them. Even though having our independence is great, sometimes a visit from our parents means being able to de-stress and not worry about anything that we have been freaking out about the entire week or getting some great advice on how to deal with some of the crazy projects we have coming up in our schedules. With that said, here are the top 5 things to do with your parents when they come to visit.

  1. Take them to a sporting event. Try to plan a parent visit when there is a big game. There is nothing better than chilling out at a soccer or basketball game with your family.  This gives you something to do where you won’t be asked a billion questions like “What’d you get on your calc test?” or “How’s your dating life going?” At a sporting event your parents will both be occupied admiring the stadium or the athletic talent in front of them.  
  2. Bring them into town. We are so lucky to go to a university in such a beautiful town. There are so many delicious restaurants, great shops, and activities in the town of Fairfield and the surrounding towns that you will definitely have something to do. Take your parents to Centro for brunch, Saugatuck Sweets for dessert, and then take a drive to the beach!  
  3.  Take a trip into Westport for a shopping spree! Westport is about a 15-minute drive from Fairfield and is filled with great restaurants and even better shops! From little boutiques to brand name stores, there is shopping for all types of people and all ages. Plus with your parents visiting it’s the perfect time to go get that expensive shirt you love but that your personal bank account just can’t afford on it’s own.  
  4. Walk around campus! We are so lucky to live on such a beautiful and big campus. Whether it’s taking a hike up to Bellermine Mansion or a stroll through the Zen garden, our campus is filled with beautiful flowers and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll even see a deer!

Take them to the QuckCenter. You’d be surprised how many events are held in the Quickcenter and how many art shows are installed in the Fairfield University Art Museum. The tickets are cheap or free and there is something for everyone to love. Look up what shows are coming up around the time your parents are coming to visit, you won’t be disappointed!