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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Bae: Let’s go on a date!

You: Where? 

Bae: Uhh The Tully?

You: Absolutely Not.

If you and your significant other are at a loss to where to go on a date night, and your conversation mirrors the one above… PLEASE do not settle for The Tully. To avoid this dilemma, here are 3 local options to open up your palate that’ll make you forget your other half’s Tully date night suggestion. 

Lowkey Fast Food Date Night 

This is honestly one of my favorites, and definitely a weekly date night must. Get Chipotle or Mcdonalds. If you’re feeling extra adventurous venture out to Taco Bell, or my personal favorite, Chick-fil-A. Hear me out: fast food and a good show or movie makes the perfect, lowkey, no-hassle college student date. Thankfully, it’s a step up from the beloved Tully, but it won’t break the bank. 

Another step up: Archie Moore’s

Archie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant is in the center of town, it’s lowkey, and has great buffalo chicken dip and wings. This place also takes the pressure off of it being a “date.” This walkable/stagbusable spot is great for a night out on the town without going too far, or breaking the bank. Another perk of this spot is the ambiance. Sports on every screen, kind waitresses that call you “sweetie,” and food that’ll comfort the date jitters. Immaculate dip, immaculate date. 

Top tier: Quattro Pazzi or The Sinclair

Fast Food and Archie Moore’s get you off campus and have more variety than the Tully, but if you really want to step it up, I believe the best date options in Fairfield are Quattro Pazzi and The Sinclair. Quattro Pazzi is Italian food with a modern twist, and Sinclair is relaxed and sophisticated with great dishes. Both these restaurants have great food, an amazing atmosphere with an intimate space, and are walkable. These are impeccable options for your next date! They not only are a million times better than the Tully, but also a great experience. 10/10 recommend one of these any day! 

Hopefully, whichever option you choose, will be a great experience for you and yours and will give you one Tully-free night!

MK Kalenak

Fairfield '25

Hi! I'm MK Kalenak! I'm a sophomore Public Relations & Digital Journalism Major and Finance Minor at Fairfield U from PGH, PA <3