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The importance of a loving relationship with food! Love to eat – eat to love! 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

When it comes to our health, movement, and overall mood, our relationship with food is very much responsible for these inter-workings of our bodies. What we eat fuels our livelihood. Everyone has a different type of relationship with food. It is important to note that it most definitely is not uncommon to have an unhealthy relationship with food. The people around us are oftentimes the influencers of how we eat, when we eat, and what choices we make about eating. It can be your team’s coach instilling guilt in you because of your weight, the friends you eat lunch with, or even family members. Sadly, it is easy to become enveloped by the opinions and perceptions of others regarding our body images and our eating habits. Comparing ourselves to others is human nature. However, there are ways to maintain a loving relationship with food despite the noise. 

Primarily to note, staying present with your spirit and true reality is essential to blocking out the egotistical noise and energies that we encounter daily. If we allow the opinions and decisions of others to settle too deeply into our core, we will be unable to tune in to what food our bodies need, thus making food decisions quite difficult. When we release the opinions of others that have clouded our minds, we become able to make decisions based on what we think we should eat…not what others think. 

Similarly, loving food starts with loving yourself first. We must want the best for ourselves and act in the interest of our nourishing our bodies. In fact, “you are what you eat.” If we do not make our health and well-being a priority, we will not only experience an unhealthy relationship with food, but rather have an unbalanced mindset. Having an unbalanced mindset prevents us from observing our overall health and living the more positive life we could live. 

Although this might not be for everyone, I try my best to eat three meals a day. Yes, it is so easy to get caught up in the stressors of work, academics, and social life. However, setting aside time to nourish your body can change your overall well-being for the better! Food heightens our focus, allows us to be more energized, strengthens our muscles, and serves as a natural healer. Food is our source—a really great one if you get creative! The world of food creation is infinite. If you don’t like that social media influencer’s new breakfast style or that gym rat’s health kick, create your own and consume the food that your body will love! We get one body, so let’s love it and love what we fuel it with. 

XO Bri 

Brianna McAleer

Fairfield '25

Brianna McAleer is an editor and writer for Her Campus’s Fairfield University chapter. Particularly, Brianna is the editor for the News and Current Events page of the magazine. She also enjoys writing and researching for the wellness and style pages of the magazine. In addition to being an editor and writer for Her Campus’s Fairfield University chapter, Brianna works as a legal intern at Duffy&Duffy, PLLC law firm, where she composes medical record request letters, visits court, and converses with medical facilities/clients. Brianna is also the Editor-in-chief of her own magazine The EastCoaster, where she manages a team of writers, composes articles about seasonal topics covering wellness, nature, and activities, and oversees the magazine’s social media platforms. She is currently a junior at Fairfield University studying Pre-Law, majoring in History, and minoring in Politics and English. In her free time, Brianna enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, going to the gym, being outdoors, and watching history documentaries. Put Brianna on a beach with a history book and she will be in her element!