TBT: 17 Shows That Need to Return to Television ASAP

Before Netflix and Hulu, we actually used this thing called “cable.” MTV was a network used for music videos and reality TV was only found on a few select channels.  Looking back on all the amazing shows that aired during our childhood, we cannot help but to wonder how Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Real Housewives became so popular in our society. Although now there are constant reruns to rely on, it is hard to not help but wish for our favorite TV shows to make a comeback on cable TV. Here is a list of all the shows that us colliegettes wish would return:

1. Friends

So what happens once Ross and Rachel live happily ever after and Monica finally becomes a mom? 10 seasons was not enough.

2. Gossip Girl

What is it like when the Queen of the Upper Eastside marries Lonely Boy from Dumbo?  Why cant we see what married life is like for Blair and Serena and if their kids rule the Upper Eastside just like they did?

3. Sex and the City

Mr. Big finds Carrie in Paris: please show all us girls what it’s like once you are finally with the one man you been chasing your entire 20s in Manhattan.

4. Lizzie McGuire

We need Lizzie McGuire and her cartoon sidekick now more than ever to help us deal with boys, jobs and friends in college.

5. The OC

Four seasons was not enough for all the love we had for the California romance and drama.

6. My Super Sweet Sixteen

Who doesn’t love watching over privileged girls cry over their parents “ruining” their birthdays when they receive a Range Rover instead of a Porsche?

7. Laguna Beach (the original cast)

If only they could stay in high school forever. From the drama between LC and Kristin to prom episodes, it’s hard for us to not wish the original cast could reunite and relive their high school days again. 

8. TRL

Everyday after school, we collegiettes got our daily dose of music entertainment and watched all of our favorite songs’ music videos. Time to come back to Time Square, Carson Daly!

9. All That

Nothing beat the 90s and watching comedy skits from all our favorite childhood actors.

10. Hannah Montana

Give us the best of both worlds and return the old Miley back to Disney while the new Miley makes killer music.

11. Boy Meets World

Since no one could actually have the romance of Cory and Topanga, we of course need to live through it while watching it on TV. While Disney has tried to pacify us by giving us a new show featuring the pair’s children, nothing beats the 90s original.  

12. The Amanda Show

From Moody’s Point to knock knock jokes; there is nothing wrong with allowing the old Amanda Bynes back on set…just don’t forget the dancing lobsters.

13. The Simple Life

Before there was Kim and her family, there was Paris and Nicole. This show made us laugh (and sometimes relate) to all of the jobs they had no idea how to handle.

14. Rocket Power

Cartoons were always the best growing up. It wouldn’t hurt to see the show play every morning, as we get ready for class.

15. Full House

Does DJ Tanner end up with Steve? Will Uncle Jesse ever get a record deal? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered.

16. That’s So Raven

The only thing that Raven should predict for the future is for a return to TV.

17. MTV Cribs

Who doesn’t want to see celebrities and their million dollar homes? MTV needs to bring this back so we have more reasons to strive for the big jobs.